About The Xperiment

For 40 years(1932-1972) the U.S. government deliberately deceived over 300 ill, black men in rural Alabama to use as test subjects to research the effects of their illness, the syphilis virus. They were given placebos and denied treatment until they died, as the most sought-after data came from their autopsies. This study is historically known as The Tuskegee Experiment.

Not Funny.

For 40 minutes, The TuskegeeXperiment is long-form improvised comedy born from a suggestion of a social injustice. These 6 improvisers will shine the light of truth and comedy on historical and contemporary social phenomena, as well as the seemingly trivial occurrences of everyday life. This is improvisation at its finest. No subject, no event, no individual is immune.


The TuskegeeXperiment
Improvised Comedy.

Catch it… or we’ll give it to you!

The TuskegeeXperiment is Marshall Givens, Stephen C. James, Jason E. Kelley, Tammie Smalls, Edana Walker, and Dwana White.

“…working their keisters off to make you laugh.”- LA Weekly

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